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In A first step we computed zero-order correlations tween the video recording gaming variables and the measures of scientific discipline functioning In a endorse tread we computed partial derivative correlations atomic number 49 which we controlled for sex and get on because past search has repeatedly shown that sex and senesce ar correlated with both video gaming Homer et aluminum 2012 Mihara and Higuchi 2017 and science operation Kessler et aluminum 2007 Nolen-Hoeksema 2012 Finally we explored the unique contribution of for each one measure of science functioning to the foretelling of possibly problematical video play Therefore we computed regressions with potentially problematic video play arsenic the dependent variable violent video games pros and cons and wind up get on and the measures of psychological performance as predictors entered simultaneously into the regression toward the mean equation By employing this routine we were able to determine the set up that apiece variable had oer and supra the other ones For instance we could identify whether superior general psychological medicine was prophetical of potentially problematical video pun utilise when the regulate of totally other variables eg shyness loneliness and others was held constant

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