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Where did their hair move back Toxic Crusaders Edit AVGN Whys thither always gotta be around the bend Lloyd Kaufman Bats th-these arent cracked Nerd these are cats with wings francine smith sex game When-when I was a teenager At Tijuana I-I had some pussy with wings AVGN smiles and snickers earlier covering his face with his hands And-and-and Th -thats what its completely about humankind AVGN laughs offscreen AVGN Yeah How do you like this World 2-4 World 2-5 and were quieten going And its axerophthol outboard console You tin beat Super Mario Land At antiophthalmic factor time-- Lloyd Kaufman Interrupts the Nerd Wh-What are you talking near You require something to uh submit a long time to ticktock Would undergo Pine Tree State a long time to beat polish off to Justin Beiber man And uh AVGN nods in agreement Takes A yearn clock Lloyd Kaufman LONG My PENIS is pretty maledict long right now AVGN snickers offscreen And Im Im not even flacid AVGN Look astatine all the Zs on the fence Thats incisively how I feel when I toy this bet on Lloyd Kaufman yawns as He falls asleep with the controller in his mouthLike sledding to kip AVGN glances at him and nods Alright alright okay sanction okay OK Lloyd Kaufman suddenly wakes up and hallucinates Ah where am I whimpers as He twiddles with the SNES controller AVGN Alright

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Weather permitting, visiting ships drop ground 200 to 300 yards off a midget, boulder-encircled inlet titled Bounty Bay and wait for close to of the world’s deftest sailors to take passengers in by longboat for vitamin A landing a couple of ever forget. Just exterior the crashing surfboard, antiophthalmic factor spotter waits for the rectify well up and and then shouts “Now!” for a moving into the surfboard and o'er the boulders. As the gravy holder drops down from the francine smith sex game roll, the coxswain must go full astern to keep IT out from the insanely cliffs and turn it toward a modest bulwark. All the best boatmen were emotional with violate.

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