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Nearly 90 percentage of all Americans ar Mobile (cell) call users. 69 The Kaiser report estimates that 2 -thirds of youth elderly 8-18 years possess their have cell call. 30 This nearly tracks with Associate in Nursing estimate of 71 percent possession among 12- to 17-twelvemonth -olds, based along a 2008 Pew follow. 67 Both organizations witness that the use of cell phones rises rapidly at about get on 14, and the educational app games for adults immense majority of older teens (84-85 percentage of those 17 and experienced ) take a cell phone. Teens from families of lour socioeconomic status are somewhat to a lesser extent likely to have a cell call (62 percent of those with household incomes under $30,000 own a cell phone, while 79 percent of those from households with incomes of $75,000 or Thomas More do so). Cell phone ownership does non vary by teens' race/ethnicity or sex. 67 However, stripling girls use their cell phones for talking and texting Thomas More a great deal than do boys. 67

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